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Active Membership Information

Tau Beta Pi Good Standing Requirements:

  • Because this is an honorary in which we are honoring your academic achievements, the good standing requirements are considered optional to further reward those members who go above and beyond with their membership in this organization. You will NOT be punished for not meeting good standing requirements.
  • In order to be in good standing you must accumulate 1 point of community service, 1 point of social activity, attend at least 1 general body and obtain one more point (for attending any of the aforementioned events) for a total of 4 points EACH semester. The Board will determine the point value of each event and will inform the members accordingly. The Board hopes to offer at least 3 community service events, 3 social events and 3 general body meetings per semester.
  • If you meet good standing requirements EVERY SEMESTER since the semester that you join (not necessarily the semester that you're initiated, as some members can't make it to their ceremony that semester), you will be eligible to wear the Tau Beta Pi stole at graduation.
  • If you are co-oping or interning and not taking classes on campus, you do not have to meet the good standing requirements, but will still retain eligibility to wear the stole at graduation.
  • If certain circumstances arise in a particular semester and you are taking classes on campus but not able to meet the good standing requirements, you may make an appeal to the Board such that they leave you in the running to obtain permission to wear a stole at graduation. You must approach the Board with your appeal, they will not come to you.
  • Any issues that arise should be brought to the attention of the Board immediately via the TBP Secretary.

Benefits of being active in Tau Beta Pi:

  • Personal Pride. Tau Beta Pi is not resume fodder. You joined to be recognized for your ability and character. This includes service to your chapter, school, and community. "The rating of people on the degree of unselfish activity manifested, is intended to indicate that Tau Beta Pi believes that none can become worthy engineers without the welfare of associates, organizations, and the community at heart. It is furthermore expected that they display willingness to aid and assist in worthy causes by their actual campus record."--from The Eligibility Code adopted at the 1926 Tau Beta Pi Convention.
  • Eligibility for TBP scholarships, fellowships, and rewards
  • Development of Leadership and Inter-Personal Skills
  • Networking with Faculty, Administration, and Corporations
  • Experience working and socializing with students in other engineering disciplines
  • Discounts on chapter activities
  • Only active members get to wear stoles over their robes at graduation
  • Resume development. This is not the main reason to join TBP, but it is a benefit
  • Inclusion in some chapter projects such as resume books